It’s 2020! New year, new decade and some brand new work for me to showcase to you all!

Back in December I took some images for the clothing company Doll luxe Clothing who have a brand baby pink teddy coat on sale.  The shoot was on location in a Cardiff supermarket and it was soo much fun!! Everyone had such a great time! Lucky for us there were plenty of locations and props around the supermarket that made for amazing images such as the tyres and the green wall. Creatively speaking I was in my absolute element! Since this shoot I’ve gained a lot more confidence and I’m able to approach any location I fancy enquiring whether I’m able to shoot there or not, because if you don’t ask, you don’t get!

The baby pink teddy coat is on sale now on the Doll Luxe Clothing website. Shop it here.
Some of these images I’ve edited for myself so in order so see the actual colour of the coat it’s best you click on the link above.

Big big BIG thank you to Doll Luxe Founder Ruby Maxwell for letting me take the images!

Ruby Maxwell: @imrubymaxwell
SNUKI: @snukix
Katie Hoylee: @katiehoylee
Harriet Powell: @harriet_powell1

At the end of the I’ve also included some ‘Behind the Scenes’ images as well as an editing playlist.
Hope you like the images and I’ll write another post soon.


Behind the Scenes

Editing Playlist

Sin Shake Sin – Can’t Go to Hell
Hyolyn – 달리 (the video is must-watch)
Todrick Hall – Wig
Jessi – Drip
Jay Park – 몸매 (the video was banned – and it’s amazing)
TheFatRat – Oblivion
CL – Hello Bitches