Boudoir Photography

If you’re looking to have a boudoir shoot or looking for some professional shots to increase clientele then drop us an e-mail:
In your e-mail a short description of what you’re looking for (style, location etc) with inspirational images will be a great help and will get the ball rolling.

>> Location <<

There are many options available in terms of location. The best location is wherever you feel the most comfortable. Clean, bright spaces work well for this style of photography so it’ll be normally shot in a hotel room. This will need to be organised on your end. Alternatively if you have bright, clean space where you feel most comfortable I’ll be more than happy to shoot there

>>Hair & Make-up<<

My price is exclusive to hair and make-up. I can always organise to have someone onsite however that will cost extra. If you already have someone in mind bring them along!! I’m always up for meeting new creatives and it’s always handy to have an extra opinion!


Once a time and date have been confirmed I require a deposit of £80 payable via bank transfer or Paypal. The deposit is non-refundable, however I am open to changes in date if a problem occurs

>>A few Little Things...<<

>>Please refrain from wearing tight clothes an hour or two before the shoot.<<
You don’t want any bra straps lines in your photos! Trust me!

>>Leave the Fake Tan<<
You don’t need it and it does not look good in photos!

>>Please be on time<<
The last thing I want to do is rush your shoot!

>>No idea is a bad idea<<
I’m open to anything!

>>Get new lingerie<<
A boudoir shoot is the best excuse to update your lingerie wardrobe!

>>Show me your inspiration<<
The more inspiration you give me the better understanding I will have for your shoot. I’m a visual person so the more inspiration you give me the better the shoot!

>>Relax and have fun<<

*Opening promotional offer. Limited time only. Subject to change.