R.E.Dixon Photography

"The spectrum captured through her lens, from the powerful rave photography that portrays the pulsating energy of that community, to the tender details of flower petals, is in itself proof of her wide-ranging ability. Her portrait work is fun, bold, and thoughtful - she takes the time to understand those she shoots, emphasising the glittery uniqueness of each model, allowing them to be captured at their most genuine, their most beautiful."
Katrin Lloyd, Editior at Accentpress and housemate.

Name: R.E.Dixon
Location: UK
Worked with the following: High Fidelity, Alternate, Cellar Door
16 an' a half Men, Pinewood Studios London, Doll Luxe Clothing, Mossies
Rogues Portal, Sam Hickman,
Exhibitions: Swansea, Cardiff, London & Berlin
DJ's Captured: Chris Liebing, Spektre, Oliver Immer, Scot Project, Boxia
Pleasure Kraft, Argy and many more